Influencer Collaborations

VRAI’s talent is known for approaching partnerships with a data-driven strategy, creating content that drives conversations and conversions. 

I’m Molly – owner and founder of VRAI! Would love to connect and hear about your goals.


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“Hiring Molly is the single best decision I have EVER made for my business. She not only landed me far more partnerships than I’ve ever been able to do on my own, but she was able to secure me higher rates across the board. Having her to manage the little details I’ve always struggled with has provided such peace of mind – from brand deliverables to deadlines to day-to-day communication – knowing everything is in good hands allows me to focus on creating amazing content and nothing else. She understands my brand inside and out, and at times, can articulate it even better than I can! She’s also an incredible advocate who always has your best interest at heart, and will become your biggest cheerleader. I rely on her not just for management, but for her valued expertise in every aspect of my business. Truly, there is not enough room on this page to capture how wonderful she is!”


“Molly changed my business from top to bottom! She was able to build client relationships I was having difficulty pursuing, negotiate longer term and higher paying collaborations and make my job so much easier. I am honestly not sure how I would have scaled my business the way I did without her.”


“I cannot say enough good things about Molly! She is incredibly detail-oriented and knowledgeable about the industry. She will fight for you, while still remaining professional and respectful in any negotiation. And beyond that, she cares about her clients. I was always blown away at how well she knew me, my brand, and what I wanted to accomplish through my platforms. She’s so much more than an employee. Molly feels like a friend and teammate.”